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Maintenance Guide

1 Prevent drying out
Try to avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight. Store your jewelry in dark places together with your other beautiful jewelry. The PU elastic line dries out by direct sunlight, which reduces the life span of elasticity.
2 Prevent Color fading
However we chose the highest quality of gemstones and aim for no-changing stonetypes; some natural (gem)stones do fade in color after exposer to (a lot of) sunlight. And in some cases even just normal daylight as well.
3 Prevent ‘acid’ attacks
We say: ‘Just like your skin’. So don’t wash or clean excessive with soap, acids or sour cleaning.
Clean only with a sheed and a slighty bit of soapy-water should do the trick. Rinse with a clean sheet off course.
Acid Attacks however also appear by:
Sleeping: try to prevent wearing your valuable bracelets while sleeping. Sweat from your body can be highly sour, especially in high quantity (daily wearing while sleeping).
Showering: Prevent to shower with your beautiful jewelry.
As soap dryes out and some parfumes or acid liquids will slowly eat the stone or make the nice shining finish from the gemstones fade away.
Seawater: Prevent to swim in the sea with your jewelry. The high amount of saltwater can attack the stones and PU Elastic String. Resulting in losing shining finish of the stones as well as a dried out elastic string.
Swimming pools: As we understand and often forget ourselves as well: Don’t swim in public waterpool! Since the chloride and chemicals used to keep the water free of algae and bacteria, this attacks the stones and shining finish in an aggressive way and decreases stretch and flexibility of the string as well.
4 Damage
And after all, dont drop the stones on the ground. 
They might break, causing tears of sadness for both you and us ;). However, if in case this happens. Don’t hesitate to contact us since we offer reparation services as well.
5 Questions?
If you have any questions related to our maintenance guide just mention them by sending us a message in our Contact Form or through our Social Media Instagram.
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