Our Story

From our Founder and Director

"Goloya - A Piece of Heaven around your Wrist

In the last decade, finally Goloyâ found its way from imagination to reality.
The dream to combine passion for nature with both our Indonesian and European heritage, as well as personal interest in gem stones, jewelry
and design, birthed the exquisite idea of Goloyâ. Our products
are especially made with visually pleasing design,


high durability and tested quality, as well as to support the sustainability of planet earth. Goloyâ is about connection, beauty, mother earth and 
our future. We believe we have the responsibility to invest in our 
future, help our environment, neighbours and bring only the 
finest products into stores worldwide.

We believe there is a God who loves you and gave us heaven and earth with
all of its beauty and treasures. We want to share His light with you, and designed
a piece of heaven out of earth’s beauty into a product you can wear and keep close to yourself. Anywhere you go. You wil be one step closer to nature.
You are worth it. You are loved.

In all our travelling all over the world, we have seen the most beautiful places. Nevertheless, at home, they are just memories. You have seen all earth’s
most beautiful elements, yet they are always a few steps too far away.
In our journey we decide to bring the finest material blessings
closer to mankind.
Goloya Jewelry Fashion Paris Founder Peter Lufting
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